Fall Anime Season 2012 Preview: Shin Sekai Yori (新世界より)

ShShin Sekai Yoriin Sekai Yori (新世界より) also known with its English title “From the New World” is a story about five friends who live in a world of utopian peace between humans, animals and nature. A-1 Picture’s adaptation of the original novel by Yuusuke Kishi, the events in which happen about a millennium from now, is a definite watch for most otaku.

Shin Sekai Yori is coming to TVs in Japan on Septermber 28, 2013.

The story of this anime revolves, as mentioned, around a group of five young children who are growing up in a utopian village, filled with beautiful natural landscapes and images. While the most interesting thing in this world is the power of telekinesis, called ‘God’s power’ or ‘the cursed power’, the five of them find out that keeping the peace in the world will not be possible for long. So, young as they are, Saki, Satoru, Maria, Mamoru and Syun begin their dangerous adventure in order to save the world as they know it… a world much different than ours.

Will the blood spilt from their predecessors turn against these members of the young generation, or will they manage to fight the events off?

Shin Sekai Yori Characters


Konako Toujou as Satoru Asahina

Ayumu Murase (14y.o.)/ Mai Toudou as Syun Aonuma

Risa Taneda as Saki Watanabe

Kana Hanazawa as Maria Akitsuki

Motoki Takagi (14y.o.)/Haruka Kudou as Mamoru Itou

Here are three of the official promotional videos that have been released by now:



Director: Masashi Ishihama

Series Composition: Masashi Sogo

Music: Shigeo Komori

Original creator: Yūsuke Kishi (novel)

Producer: Yutaka Oomatsu

Main Character Design: Chikashi Kubota

            Animation Production: A-1 Pictures

(c) images: Shin Sekai Yori Production Committee, A-1 Pictures, Yuusuke Kishi

Official Shin Sekai Yori Website

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