Rose of Versailles Licensed in North America

the rose of versailles, verusai no baraAnime distributor Right Stuf has licensed the classic Japanese series Rose of Versailles. This was announced just today on the official website of the company. The historical shoujo will be translated into English by a team from Nozomi Entertainment.

Rose of Versailles is a historical anime, adapted from the original manga by Riyoko Ikeda (published between 1972 and 1973). Moreover, a Q&A will be held with the original creator as a promotion for the project. Questions for the interview can be sent by anyone through the linked address below.

The Video is not available in all countries. Sorry.

While Right Stuf is licensing for the DVD release of the 40-episodes-long series, online streaming engine Viki will be handling the online distribution.  The anime will be divided in 2 limited edition boxed sets which will come out in North America in 2013.

Source: YouTube, Right Stuf

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