Chiisana Ojisan Anime Announced (Video)

chiisana ojisan mini oyajiMini Oyaji is the man character of the upcoming anime project about the life of a thumb-sized old man and his adventures in the big world. The first promotional video for the anime Chiisana Ojisan shows the animation style and interesting ways of the production. See it below and I hope you enjoy the 1 minute of it.

The upcoming anime series is an adaptation of Noi Asano’s original manga entitled “Chiisai Oyaji Nikki” and will begin this October. The other main character in the show will be named simply “Watashi” (an impersonal, genderless form of the pronoun “I”). Watashi will be played by Nozomi Furuki (Transformers Prime’s Miko Nakadai) while the main character will be voiced by Chou (many roles in NHK projects).

The theme song is written by the original creator Asano and is titled “Mamebiyori”. It is performed by Tomoka Maeda.

Source: Official YouTube

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