“Retsu!!! Date Senpai” and “Cross Manage” – New Shounen Jump Titles (UPDATED)

retsu!!! date senpaiTwo new manga series have been announced for the upcoming issue of the weekly Shounen Jump. Their titles are Retsu!!! Date Senpai (by mangaka Shinsuke Kondou) and Cross Manage (by mangaka Kaito). Both are the first series by the authors and there is a lot of comedy expected from both.

Retsu!!! Date Senpai will be about the Sengoku-jidai (Warring States Era) and tell us, in a comic and much out-of-character way, about the famous Date Masamune – the leader of many and a hero for even more. It will debut in issue #41 (10/09)

UPDATE: Second image is a new image from the upcoming cover of Weekly Shounen Jump.

retsu date senpairetsu!!! date senpai

Cross Manage will meet us with the initially lazy and nihilistic Sakurai and his classmate – the charming leader in the school’s lacrosse squad – Toyoguchi. After the young man ends up, without intending to, storming into the locker room while Toyoguchi is undressed, she makes him pay dearly for the mistake. He needs to enter the lacrosse team’s numbers as a manager. As time goes by, we see that Sakurai changes a  lot – his laziness disappears and he also begins to care not only for the sport, but also for the girl who introduced him to it. It will debut in issue #42 (15/09).

cross manage

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