High School DxD Season 2 Announced!

high school dxdA second season for the popular anime series High School DxD has been announced. The news was revealed in the BD that is bundled with the latest 13th volume of the Ichiei Ishibumi light novel. The first season came out in the winter of 2011/2012. The new one would probably come out this winter season.

The story of High School DxD centres on the life of a certain Issei Hyoudou who is murdered on his first date ever. Reincarnated as a low-level devil, he is the servant and underling of the high-level female demon Riasu. She is the prettiest girl in Issei’s school campus.

There is still no information on what exactly the second season will cover from the original story. Significally as it may not seem, the tagline of the unaired episode, bundled with the 13th volume of High School DxD is  “Let’s go!! Boobs!!”.

Source: Yaraon!

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