Gintama no Sugoroku Is the Title of the Upcoming PSP Game

gintama no sugorokuNot only did the official website of the upcoming PSP game open its doors for visitors (though there is nothing much to see for now), but there is also a great video to tease us all! There are almost 2 whole minutes of Kagura, Gintoki and Shinpachi being… themselves! Hopefully, this will quench your thirst for the trio until the new episodes come. The PV for Gintama no Sugoroku is available below.

It sure took Bandai some time (FIVE YEARS!!!) to make this new PSP instalment ofthe Gintama games, but I am certain there is something hidden behind all the wobblying of the characters and the way they did all the… Kaizoku Musou and so-on things. (absolutely not going to mention the beeps and the fact that this was uploaded to Bandai Kids’ YouTube channel. After all, we can’t know what those three had in mind, can we?


Source: Official Game Website

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