A Production I.G Project Is Cancelled

production IG cancelledThe parent company of Production I.G., IG Port, has announced that one of the current (NOTE: not future) projects of the child studio has been cancelled due to lack of adequate payment from the client. The title of the project hasn’t been announced for the time being.

Production I.G handed the first half of the arranged project at some point during the first quarter of the fiscal year (ending May 2013), but hasn’t received a necessary part of the payment in return. As a result, the contract has been cancelled by the provider’s side.The work that has been submitted should be returned and that is exactly what Production I.G’s lawyers have asked from the client.

Some of the Fall 2012 titles of Xebec/Production I.G are:

Series: Robotics;Notes, TLR Darkness

Movies: Yamato 2199, Mass Effect; Paragon Lost

and Upotte!! OAD

This same project has already cost the studio a total of 144,358,000 yen (~1,466,302 euro) as of June 30, 2012 and is definitely going to influence the upcoming fiscal year. For the time being, we should hope to be told which is the title f the project and not start guessing.

Source: Esuteru

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7 thoughts on “A Production I.G Project Is Cancelled

  1. Taking into account how successful Yamato 2199 has been from the start, i would be surprised if that was the one. As a fan of the show i really hope it’s not.

  2. I doubt it they will reveal anything now, when it’s up to lawsuits. The only thing they cannot hide it the cancelled show, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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