Yamato 2199 Movie Number 3 Previewed Online

space battleship yamato posterThe official website of the third instalment of the Yamato 2199 movies has been updated with the new trailer for October 13th’s new release. The movie will cover the four episodes between 7 and 10 of the series. In the video, available only through the official website, you can also hear the theme song “Makka na Scarf” by Isao Sasaki.

Although the movie is released in theatres on October 13, 2012, the DVD and BD versions will be available on the general market as early as November 22. On the other hand, the new anime will not be airing until 2013 and even I do not know when exactly.

The animation is in the stable hands of one of the designers from an older franchise instalments – Yutaka Izubuchi. He will be directing while Nobuteru Yuki (Escaflowne) is designing the characters.

Source: Official Website (click to see the video)

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

6 thoughts on “Yamato 2199 Movie Number 3 Previewed Online

  1. Really powerful to watch. I still think the characters don’t match the greatness of the machines and environment.

    1. I also think they needed to work on the facial expressions a bit more, but still think they wanted to stay truthful to the original and that’s why the characters look a bit…off.

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