Little Busters! Anime Replaces Pregnant Seiyuu with Yuiko Tatsumi

little busters!Little Busters!’s Mio Nashizono’s original seiyuu Shiho Kawaragi will be replaced by Yuiko Tatsumi because of the probable health issues that such a job could create for Kawaragi. She has announced her pregnancy just this Wednesday and made everyone happy with her upcoming first child. Hopefully, no one would be disappointed to see hear Miss Tatsumi in Little Busters!

Yuiko Tatsumi has many main roles in anime including:

Riko Suminoe in “Kiss x Sis”

April Lambert in “Mouretsu Pirates”

Chizuru Makimura in “Holy Knight”

You can see the othe part of the cast in this post.

Hopefully, the cute seiyuu will not disappoint in this new challenge. We’ll have to wait and see if Riko-chan will be bale to let her go and be taken over by Mio Nashizono. Meanwhile, keep in mind that this new anime is expected to come out in October. The list of ‘upcomings’ is getting more populated with each day!

Source: Official Announcement

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7 thoughts on “Little Busters! Anime Replaces Pregnant Seiyuu with Yuiko Tatsumi

  1. Japanese women find it too challenging to voice an anime, while with a child… European women work 7 am to 2 am, smoke and complain they;re lone mothers. Gotta love Japan…or find the golden mean.

    1. …while US women stay at home to take care of their children, smoke, eat too much, cheat on their husbands and complain their child does not respect them. ;)

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