Noda to Moushimasu Manga Gets a 3rd Live-Action Adaptation!

Noda to MoushimasuThe manga by Aya Tsuge’s live-action series will get a third season. This was officially announced by the television which produces the series – the Japanese national NHK. It will start with a season-pilot episode in October. Seems like Noda to Moushimasu will continue to bring smiles to the viewers for quite some time!

The story of Tsuge-sensei revolves around a common woman named Noda. We follow her life as she strives to study in a Japanese university and work pat-time in order to keep up with all the necessary expenses.

The original actress that played Noda in seasons 1 and 2 will return (Noriko Eguchi). For those of you who still don’t know who also plays in the series – it is the AKB48 member Yuka Matsuda. She is also returning to play the role of Noda’s coworker Tomizawa.

In case you’re interested: the manga is being published in Kodansha’s Kiss and Kiss Plus magazine and the official volumes are being printed as we speak. The last one is volume 4, which came out this March.


Source: NHK via Comic Natalie

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5 thoughts on “Noda to Moushimasu Manga Gets a 3rd Live-Action Adaptation!

  1. I am aware of the show and it’s quite entertaining in a typical Japanese style… However, the manga looks nothing like it…at least from the few drawings I’ve seen online…

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