Japanese Magazine Holds International Manga Contest

silent manga zenonThe Japanese manga magazine Monthly Comic Zenon has just released the rules for its “silent manga competition”. The contest should include manga without any dialogue. People from all over the world can participate – professionals as well as amateurs. Good luck to everyone who will be entering!

Zenon has been the stage for many popular titles and is now giving everyone the chance to have their own work published!

The idea of silent manga comes from the European silent movies and the fact that they are universal and can be understood by everyone.

The rules are simple:

In order to eliminate the language barrier in manga, there should be no dialogue in the work. It should be uploaded as a pdf on the noted address or via snail mail. The work should not be copied, re-traced or in any other way plagiarised.

Mind you, the judges will be noted names such as City Hunter‘s Tsukasa Hojo and Tetsuo Hara (the creator of Fist of the North Star). They will be joined by the editorial team of the magazine.

Here is the full text from the announcement:

The Japanese manga magazine “COMIC ZENON” is seeking new talent!!

This is the first of a kind, Silent Comic Audition, held in Japan.
It is a competition that focuses on the power of art without language barriers.
We ask all overseas creators and those who are contemplating drawing their first manga:How would you like to test your skills through a manga without borders?

Many silent movies from France and the USA have been shown in Japan.
These movies could be enjoyed by a Japanese audience because there was no language barrier getting in the way.

Manga has become loved by fans all over the world because it shares some common elements with silent movies.
We hope you will let your talent achieve its full potential here, in the homeland of manga.

This is an event run by COMIC ZENON, the Japanese Manga magazine loved and run by the masters of manga.

All the details can be seen through this link. It is in English.

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

6 thoughts on “Japanese Magazine Holds International Manga Contest

  1. “Manga has become loved by fans all over the world because it shares some common elements with silent movies.”

    That was weird. I suppose the “global” elements of manga are – sexy girls, bishounen, romance, action, fantasy, extremities and not the lack of speech…

    1. I see your point and you actually beat me to it… I was just about to point this out. I was just going to add the hero ;)

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