Tekkaman Blade II OVA to be Released in North America by Discotek

tekkaman blade IIDiscotek Media has shared with all of its supporters that it has acquired the rights for the 6-episode-long OVA series entitled Tekkaman Blade II. It is set a decade after the original Tekkaman Blade series and will be released on DVD with both Japanese dub with English subtitles and in full English dubbing.

This OVA came out in Japan in 1994 and has received a lot of praise from the general public.

The story is somewhat similar to the original TV anime: a new group of Tekkaman should rebuild their forces and fight against a big, strong and very sinister enemy. The anime revolves around Yumi Francois who is a young and cunning female mechanic and the unlikely third member of the new Tekkaman trio. The title character of the original series also participates in this OVA.

Source: Facebook

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6 thoughts on “Tekkaman Blade II OVA to be Released in North America by Discotek

  1. Actually my brother’s crazy about this anime…he likes anything with this classic style of drawing and robot/mecha..He’ll go crazy when I share this with him :D

    1. I perfectly understand him…there are so little titles that give you something other than boobs and mediocre romance…

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