Shiro Amano’s Kingdom Hearts II Returns to Shounen Gangan

Kingdom HeartsShiro Amano has been working hard on making a good story out of Suare Enix’ Kingdom Hearts game franchise. The mangaka halted the production of Kingdom Hearts II some time ago and instead began a new title from the same franchise called “Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days”. Now, after finally finishing the 358/2 installment, the author is finally going to continue Kingdom Heart II.

kingdom hearts II

According to the update published by Square Enix in the latest issue of its Monthly Shounen Gangan magazine, the manga will return in the November issue (coming out in Japan on October 12, 2012).

Amano’s works have been translated in English by Tokyopop (North American distribution). Only the recently ended 358/2 Days title is an exception.

Source: Manga News Japon
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