October’s Zetsuen no Tempest Anime Preview Aired

Zetsuen No TempestA new trailer was released online on the official website of studio BONES’ upcoming October release entitled Zetsuen no Tempest. This is a return to the future as the creators of Darker than Black take on another story challenge. The original manga by Kyou Shirodaira, Arihide Sano, and Ren Saizaki has started in 2009 and is still being published.

You can see the video HERE. There is also the first one, in case you’ve missed it.

Zetsuen no Tempest is a fantasy story that centres on a couple of young men, friends with a grave fate. The world of Yoshino Takigawa is entombed into the death of many people around him. Even his best friend, Mahiro Fuwa has disappeared. One day, though while being questioned about this same Mahiro by an armed woman named Evangeline Yamato, Yoshino is saved by Mahiro himself. Mahiro stops bullets with his hands – an ability he has developed after he signed a contract with the world’s strongest witch. While he tries to make some meaning out of what has happened while he was away, looking for the murderers of his family, a pandemic takes even more lives around the world.

We are expecting this anime in October 2012.

Source: Official Zetsuen no Tempest

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