Medaka Box Season 2 to Air in October

medaka box TV Tokyo has just announced that the second season of Medaka Box will be airing in October 2012. The news didn’t include any more information neither a video, but at least it’s a set date of a sort. I know many of you were awaiting the new season of the school anime with excitement.

Hree is the full text of the announcement:TV tokyo medaka box


「めだかボックス」第二期 10月~テレビ東京ほかにて放送が決定いたしました。

In other words, it says:

“Second Season of MEDAKA BOX has been decided to start from October.


TV Tokyo has decided that the second installment of Medaka Box will begin in October. Enjoy the news!”

Source: TV Tokyo

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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