Boys Be… ~Adult Season~ Lanches in Evening Magazine

boys be adult seasonThe characters from the popular manga Boys Be… by writer Masahiro Itabashi and artist Hiroyuki Tamakoshi will be getting a time jump and will become all grown-up and mature (as much as possible) in the new Boys Be… ~Adult Season~ version of the story. The new manga will be published in Kodansha’s seinen magazine “Evening”.

Starting up as a cute shounen romance in the publishing house’s Weekly Shounen Magazine. The anime adaptation of this manga aired on Japanese TV channels in 2000. Another print series entitled “Boys be… Next Season” came out in 2009 when Kodansha moved the story to the original magazine’s sister edition ‘Magazine Special’ and reached an end this February. There was also the Boys Be… 2009 1-Gakki mobile comic. In other words, this is the third full and fourth installment in general of this manga series that started out as a shounen with romantic hints and is now  a seinen with odd topics, but the romantic essence has been preserved.

The first story in the Boys be… ~Adult Season~ tells us about the sudden and fateful crossing of the paths of two people at a crossroads called Indian curry. This first part of the new edition has been published already in the August 11 (today’s) issue of the Evening magazine.

boys be adult season

Source: Comic Natalie

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