BTOOOM! Anime Characters Revealed

The official website of the upcoming BTOOOM! anime series has revealed more information about the project. There is information about the broadcasting of the show plus… CHARACTER PROFILES! You can see the images below, although the official website already shows a “404” error…

The anime will be broadcasted on the Japanese channels TOKYO MX, BS-11, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi, Sun TV and AT-X. A Nico-Nico stream will also be available.

The characters are created by Takahiro Kishida. He has been working on the characters in many other shows including Baccano!, Durarara! (and yes, I intentionally took the titles with an exclamation mark at the end).

btooom characterSupposed CAST (still unofficial, sorry) (confirmed)

Hongo Kanata (live-action actor from Nana2,Mirai Nikki ANOTHER:WORLD): Ryuta Sakamoto
Suzuko Mimori (?): Himiko
Toru Okawa (Roy Mustang form the first FMA) : Kiyoshi flat
Miyuki Sawashiro (Dalian from Dantalian no Shoka) : Kosuke Kira
Yuichi Nakamura (Fairy Tail’s Gray Fullbuster) : Oda Nobutaka

Images: (C)井上淳哉/新潮社・「BTOOOM!」製作委員会

Source: Official BTOOOM! Website

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8 thoughts on “BTOOOM! Anime Characters Revealed

  1. It’s a good story about a guy that’s getting into the alternative reality of Btooom! It’s actually quite seinen.

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