Litchi DE Hikari Club Anime Announced

litchi hikari clubUsamaru Furuya’s horror yaoi, suspense, mystery, crime manga Litchi Hikari Club manga is getting an anime adaptation, which will air in October this year. The title of the anime will be Litchi DE Hikari Club and will adapt the story of the second manga in the franchise.

The story of Litchi Hikari Club follows nine students from an all-maleJapanese school. he main purpose of this club is to create the ultimate artificial intelligence and use it to search for the most beautiful women in the world. Soon, though, we get to understand that there is something deeper and crueler in the head of the leader of the hikari Club – Zera. He is a boy with truly mental issues as he enjoys torturing makes others perform tortures, too. Because of his wishes and commands, and his great ability in manipulation (typical for sociopaths) people die and suffer. The previous leader, Tamiya, is trying to take back his position while the sick mind of Zera gets out of control more and more.

The Litchi Machine s the result of their efforts and it runs on Lychee fruits. It’s not going to work in non-Asian countries especially considering the cost of the fruit! Due to the ways it is taught and used, though, this A.I. also turns out to be a mess in the hard-disk and starts serving his own free will, creeping out people in its own ways.

The Litchi Hikari Club is a one-volume product by mangaka Usamaru Furuya. Even though, manga is already so popular that it has been adapted into a stage play and has had a prequel manga written by the author after its first release.

Source: Official Litchi Hikari Club

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11 thoughts on “Litchi DE Hikari Club Anime Announced

  1. Episode one was my biggest surprise ever. It turned out to be a 2:30 minutes chibi animation comedy… So unlike the manga. Not that I am a huge fan of Seinen/Hentai, but come on :D

      1. I won’t watch it, then…not that I’m a kid, but I don’t like extreme violence and eroge…

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