Acer’s New Olympic-Themed Ad Streamed. Animated by Production. I.G. (Video)

olympic games anime advertisement acer Acer Computers has streamed its new Olympic spot online through the company’s official YouTube channel. If you’re wondering what’s this to do with the site – the animation studio of Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed and Blood franchises (Production I.G.) is behind the advertisement’s anime-styled graphics. The video is available below.

The London 2012 Olympic games has sprung a lot of Japan-related news. The Japanese gold medalist from the gymnastics has announced that he was inspired to start practicing the sport by a manga. This is all happening while most of the people are complaining from the opening ceremony of the games’ level of entertainment.

Source: YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Acer’s New Olympic-Themed Ad Streamed. Animated by Production. I.G. (Video)

  1. That was pretty entertaining. :) Actually, I am happy for Acer. It’s really rare that a Taiwanese company gets so big as a main sponsor of the Olympics – way to go.

  2. Engrish stole the spotlight here! The animation is quite impressive, to be honest. I just don’t get the add part…

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