Kyou no Asuka Show Episode 1 Streamed (Video)

kyou no asuka showThe first episode of Kyou no Asuka Show has been streamed online through the official YouTube channel of Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions. It is a 3min video that shows quite the scene about schoolgirls in panties and the perverted men around them. Mind  you – not suitable for minors or work. Even if some might disagree, I have to warn you. The video is available below.

Kyou no Asuka Show is an adaptation of the manga by Taishi Mori, currently published in Monthly Big Comic Spirits. The comedy story revolves around the charming and cheeky Asuka Kyouno. She is a young schoolgirl whose exploits we get to see in the series. The second episode airs on August 27 and will be available through the paid services of the Japanese streaming website Video Market.

Source: YouTube

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