Animation Studio SHAFT: New Anime Title is Prism Nana

prism nana projectMadoka Magica, Arakawa Under the Bridge and Bakemonogatari‘s SHAFT will be working on a new anime project. The title of the series is Prism Nana. Detailed explanation of the production will be given during Comic Market 82.

The studio is famous for its adaptations of various light novels, manga and whatnot. In reality, it usually creates a hit, so that is exactly what I am expecting of the new original anime Prism Nana.

An official website for the upcoming anime is also running, though not really. It can be found HERE.

Here is another image from the announcement of the website: prism nana project Cute, eh?

Tokyo’s Comic Market 82 event starts August 10 and ends on August 12, 2012.

Source: SHAFT

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