Little Busters! Anime to Run from October, Cast Revealed (Video)

little busters!The Little Busters! anime will begin in October this year! This was announced along with the new official website of the sixth title of the anime adaptation of the original novels by Key. Directing will be Yoshiki Yamakawa (Kill me, Baby!) and J.C.Staff will take on the production process.A PV is available below, too!

little busters!


Nobutoshi Canna (Nnoitra in Bleach, Kabuto in Naruto) as Masato Inohara
Yuusei Oda a.k.a. Katsuaki Arima (Enzai’s Guildias) as Kengo Miyazawa
Natsumi Yanase (Akane hanasaki in Da Capo II) as Komari Kamikita
Keiko Suzuki (Clannad’s Kanako) as Haruka Saigusa
Naomi Wakabayashi as Kudryavka Noumi
Ryouko Tanaka as Yuiko Kurugaya
Shiho Kawaragi as Mio Nishizono

characters keep their previous seiyuu!

Images: (c) Team Little Busters! /Visualart’s/ Key

Source: Official Website

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6 thoughts on “Little Busters! Anime to Run from October, Cast Revealed (Video)

  1. It’s official: There will NEVER be another anime like “Death Note”, “Hellsing”, “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” (e.g. WORTHY). Sad, sad world…

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