New Manga Series by Megumi Osuga and Mutsumi Banno

Maou: Juvenile Remix and Waltz’s author Megumi Osuga’s new title Vanilla Fiction is starting this month in the Shounen Sunday magazine (a.k.a. Gessan). Another popular mangaka – Mutsumi Banno (Shinobi no Kuni) is also havign a new series beginning in the same magazine. The cover of the firs volume of Ayashiya is viewable below as well as Vanilla Fiction’s image for the cover of the magazine!

Ayashiya by Banno sensei is a seinen story with a lot of fantasy and legends. It has the typical drawing style of the mangaka, but also some innovative methods when compared to the Shinobi no Kuni manga.


Vanilla Fiction, on the other hand, is a story filled with feelings, romance…

vanilla fiction

Both series look very promising! I hope at least one of you will be able to get his or her hands on a chapter and tell me what you think of them!

Source: Manga News Japon

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8 thoughts on “New Manga Series by Megumi Osuga and Mutsumi Banno

  1. While I’m not into shoujo at all myself, I am interested in Ayashiya. The only fault I find in it is that the artwork reminds me of the newly-started Kingdom anime that turned out to be a hot mess.

  2. Never heard of any of those mangaka…but maybe that’s a good thing. The Vanilla Fiction is an OBVIOUS shuojo, so I’ll pass on the bishounen drooling over a silly baby-woman.

    1. I know it’s available in the USA, but unfortunately I have no information on it being published in Europe at all. Maybe you need to subscribe or order from the US… However, I hope someone has better news. ;)

      1. Well… subscription for some Japanese magazines is about 80-100USD per year, however, bringing the magazine to Europe puts up $100-$350 on top of the price. I hope I will be ale to find some other news for you too.

        Still, I don’t even know if Gessan is one of the available mags even in the US.

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