Ninja Scroll Burst Anime Trailer (Video)

ninja scroll burstA teaser trailer has been streamed online through the official YouTube channel of Madhouse studios. It reveals the notorious character Jubei and many opponents of his. There is lots of action and innovations in the upcoming Ninja Scroll Burst project, at least if I have to judge from the trailer, which you can see below.

The trailer is the same one that people at Sakura Con in April saw during the official panel held by Kawajiri-sensei.

The upcoming 3-episode-long anime adaptation, based on the original anime from 1993 by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The new challenge between the director/writer of the first series and Madhouse studios is going to involve a lot of contemporary work but will also have a strong grasp on the old-school style and story. Will they manage? We will have to wait an see. It took them 20 years to take on a new Ninja Scroll, so we will have to ask for the best!

Sadly, an “under consideration” label is still hanging over the project.

Source: YouTube

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