Ai no Kusabi 2012 to Be Released in North America

ai no kusabiThe North American anime distributor Media Blasters has acquired the rights over the BL remake-adaptation of the shounen-ai novels by Rieko Yoshihara. The 2012 version has 4 episodes and a lot of fan service – just as the fans love it.

The plans, for now, are to release the 4 OVA in December throught Media Blasters’ child label AnimeWorks.

The story of Ai no Kusabi centres around the master-pet relationship between two classes on the alternative planet Amoi. The blondes are a higher class that can buy out pets – dark-haired males. As nearly all of the population is male, there is need for fun as well as work, but there are limits too. While Iason acquires Riki as his own pet, he does break the rules as he keeps him for a time too long for a normal maser-pet relationship.

A lot of stuff happen throughout the series. They have been a disappointment for some fans of the original anime adaptation of the novels, but are also very enjoyable for other anime fans.

Source: Media Blasters

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

6 thoughts on “Ai no Kusabi 2012 to Be Released in North America

    1. Actually, it has a reasonable amount of mature content, so it’s not really recommended to be watched by children. However, the censored version is totally safe. ;)

  1. Honestly? I am a fan of the original but these OVAs are missing the point and losing a lot of the storyline in favour of “bishounen-isation”…The North Amercan release is a great success, though.

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