Miyazaki’s New Project is Focused on the Creator of the Mitsubishi A6M Zero Fighter

Japanese Zero FighterThe Mitsubishi A6M Zero Fighter plane was also known as the Zero Fighter or just Zero. It was an official World War II fighter plane of the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service. Seems like the ‘biography’ movie that Hayao Miyazaki’s working on will be about that very plane’s creator.

According to some sources, the zero fighter was the lightest and most produced war plane in Japan during the second World War. It was a project given to both Mitsubishi and Nakajima companies, but finalized only by Mitsubishi. As a chief designer in the company at the time acted Jiro Horikoshi.

The plane is an aircraft wonder that has been linked to many kamikaze attacks and was famous for its phenomenal maneuverability.

The news about the upcoming anime project came by multiple tweets.

Osamu Kobayashi, the art director, announced that the new project is about he Zero’s creator.

Takashi Hashimoto, the animator of Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell (amongst other big titles), shared that he had seen the project’s plans and that Studio Ghibli was looking for animators that are able in drawing and planning out planes. The wife of the late Ghibli animator Yoshinori Kanada (Gaking, Final Yamato) also tweeted that he would’ve loved to work on this project due to his extreme love towards planes and other aircrafts.

Source: nausicaa.net

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