Monthly G-Fantasy Has Pandora Hearts on the Cover

Pandora Hearts… this is a title I haven’t written about in quite some time. I am happy it gets some recent attention. The manga will be on the cover of the magazine it’s been published in – G-Fantasy. The image can be seen below.

Pandora Hearts is a fantasy manga by Jun Mochizuki. The story follows the events while, before and after the tragedy of Sablier when the Abyss was first opened and hundreds of people lost their earthly existence. The main characters are Alice, a chain, and her contractor Oz Vesalius (name varies in English due to the l/r and v/b readings). You can click on the names for more info on the show and manga too!

It has been published in the Monthly G-Fantasy (another one of the Gangan magazines also known as Gangan Fantasy) since 2006. The manga is an ongoing project and it ha changed styles a lot since the very beginning when history and fantasy were more important than personal relations.

(image is clickable too)

pandora Hearts

Source: Manga News Japon

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