San Diego Comic-Con: Yen Press Licenses Another and BTOOOM! Manga

another manga novelYen Press has licensed the popular Another manga based on the novels by Yukito Ayatsuji as well as the BOOOM! manga by Junya Inoue. This information wan announced during the Yen Press panel at the current San Diego Comi-Con event.

Both titles will come out as e-books and a printed edition will be considered in case the electronic one sells well. Another will be a single omnibus that will come out in 2013. The manga is by Hiro Kyohara.

This story follows Mei Misaki and her new class. The cursed room and the cursed class have always been followed by a mystery – once in a while a dead soul studies with them and they need to think of a way to ward off death by ignoring one of the existent students, hoping that the chosen one is in fact the dead. Things turn out worse when the class receives yet another new student and a series of odd accidents takes the lives of many of the young students.

BTOOOM!, Junya Inoue’s debut title, will begin publishing in the Spring of 2013 with volume on becoming out a soon as possible.

This is an action, fighting-themed story. We follow Ryota Sakamoto, one of the top player in an online battle arena called BTOOOM! One day Ryota wakes up and finds himself actually living the game he’s just turned off. Will he be able to fight his way through the enemies and win the battle or will he fail? This is the question that we must know the answer to and in order to understand it we need to reach to the end of BTOOOM!.

Source: ONE & TWO

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5 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con: Yen Press Licenses Another and BTOOOM! Manga

    1. They hold the licence of titles like ‘Darker than Black’, ‘K-ON!’ and ‘Kuroshitsuji’, so – don’t worry about them.

  1. Btooom! is one of my favourites!!! Another is not bad either, so it’s great they’re getting more fans…

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