Kyoto Seika University Adds Famous Mangaka to List of Teachers

kyoto seika universityAkiko Higashimura, Jun Miura and Akihiro Yamada will be added to the list of famous and successful mangaka who will teach at the Faculty of Manga of the Kyoto Seika University.  Their participation in the program will begin in April 2013.

Akiko Higashimura is famous for the creation of Princess Jellyfish / Kuragehime, , Mama we Tenparist and more. Her style is characterized with funny situations and awkwardness, as well as romance.

While Jun Miura’s most famous manga is probably Shuukaku no Juunigatsu, the artist’s style is mainly more viisble in other creations such as Shikisoku Zenereishon or even the odd Dochack.

Akihiro Yamada is probably the one with the most famous titles in his biography from the three. Wolf’s Rain, Kekkaishi and RahXephon as well as Juuni Kokuki (Twelve Kingdoms).

Source: Comic Natalie

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