Cyborg 009 Gets American Comic Adaptation and a New Movie

cyborg 009
The image is a sample of the upcoming artwork. Click to see a bigger version.

Archaia Publishing and Ishinomori Production Inc. will collaborate on an entirely new and innovative comic-like adaptation of the famous Japanese equivalent of the Avengers entitled Cyborg 009 (the two series both debuted in 1963-1964).

The announcement was made during the panels at Comic-Con 2012. The Ishinomori inc. (company founded by the original author of the manga Shotaro Ishinomori) will be responsible for the animation productions including a new movie on various media.

The new comic will be handled by:

writers – F.J. DeSanto (laso a producer) & Bradley Cramp

artwork – Marcus To

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

12 thoughts on “Cyborg 009 Gets American Comic Adaptation and a New Movie

  1. Mixed feelings on this one… even though it’s not a masterpiece, it’s still a classic I wouldn’t like to see Marvel-ized…

    1. I am sort of annoyed at people like you…you call hate everything just because it’s made in the USA…anime is better than animation, but this is a mediocre piece – why not let them do a remake?

      1. True…but the new one does not look like an anime…while the old one reminds me of Captain Harlock :D

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