Inazuma Eleven GO2: Chrono Stone 3DS PV Streamed (Video)

Level5 game developing studios have released a 2:49mn promotional video for the upcoming Inazuma Eleven GO2: Chrono Stone Nep/Raimei game for 3DS. The project will be released in the late months of 2012. Wintery days will bring warmth to everyone with a 3DS…or so it would seem…

The video is available below.

The story of this new Inazuma Eleven development, which is related to the latest anime series, too, is set in Raimon Junior High School. This, though, is a different dimension and a universe in which everyone who Tenma knows to be soccer player is not. Moreover, Alpha (the captain of the Omega football team) is working on a secret plan to destroy soccer as a whole! Even the caravan we all know from the series has been turned into a totally different thing – a time machine.

Source: YouTube

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8 thoughts on “Inazuma Eleven GO2: Chrono Stone 3DS PV Streamed (Video)

      1. If I am correct, then it is about nationals as a whole… since they won the World Cup. Also… The Olympics are nearing, so… it’s just about time for (inter)National humour.

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