New Moyashimon Returns PV Streamed (Video)

myashimon returnsA new 30-secnd-long video for the upcoming Moyashimon Returns anime has been streamed online through the Noitamina block’s official YouTube channel. The video lets us see more of the characters we will be present in the anime. which begins tomorrow, July 5, 2012. The video can be seen below.

There are some very important things we should learn from the video “o 100-bai Tanoshimu Houhou” (How to enjoy the series 100-times more) and they are all about enjoying the upcoming TV series more than we usually would.

Eat fermented food daily

Read the manga (which is being published)

Watch Moyashimon’s Season 1 (Tales of Agriculture)

Play the Net de Gachagacha Moyashimon game online!

All of them are telling us to know our Moyashimns better (yes, even the food one)!

Source: YouTube

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