Tanken Driland Episode 0 Streamed Online (Video)

tanken driland episode 0Tanken Driland is an anime adaptation of an original fantasy game by GREE. There is also a manga in the same universe and somewhat the same story, which is being published in Shueisha’s Jump Square. The project, which was announced in May, begins with the first episode of the show on July 7, 2012. Before that, though, we get to see the so-called Episode 0 of the fantasy anime on YouTube. The video is available below.

The video is narrated by Yooko Hikasa, the seiyuu of Asura Cryin’s Ritsu Shioizumi and Wagnaria!!’s as Izumi Takanashi.

The mobile game by GREE revolves around the players who are exploring dungeons and various other places in order to find hidden treasures and defeat monsters on their way by using various playcards.


Kanako Miyamoto as Mikoto

Kenji Nojima as Warence
Kouki Uchiyama as Pahn
Motoko Kumai as Poron
Yooko Hikasa as Haruka

The anime is produced by TOEI Animation studios.

Source: YouTube

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5 thoughts on “Tanken Driland Episode 0 Streamed Online (Video)

  1. That is so cute. :) Reminds me of the old idea of an Adventure anime :) Hope the episodes aren’t 3 mins, but just this one.

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