Sitewide Image Issues (UPDATED)

I am here just to say that I am aware of the missing images around the site. I will be fixing this problem today so that everything will get settled. I will update this post whenever I am ready with all the link changes and such. Hopefully, everything will  get fine with me transferring the images to another location and linking/embedding them anew.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I had to change some settings during the last few days because of my images being hotlinked somewhere. My bandwidth usage was dreadfully huge and I am glad that I have an understanding hosting provider.

For those of you who linked and used my images without saving them on their own host – I am very upset.

death scythe

UPDATE: The bandwith has returned to normal and the images should be visible everywhere. If you find any problems whatsoever, please do contact me!  I will attempt to find who is responsible for this and… well, you know how things go…

I will tell them what I can do and let them fix their lives. Mmm. Yes. Nothing to worry about. I will not be evil or something!




Sincerely yours,

14 thoughts on “Sitewide Image Issues (UPDATED)

    1. It seems my lack of experience with these things has turned into a small obstacle. Do not dear, though, fair reader, I will summon and gather all forces and defeat the evildoers!

      Thanks for the support (ahem)

    1. Well, I have blocked the hotlinking from the hosting administrative possibilities. The other problem with the images is that they are hosted on another site and I have no idea whatsoever if they are not the issue. I will be playing around a bit with this today and see what happens when the statistics are ready tomorrow evening. If it’s worked out, I won’t need to relocate all my images from the old blog to this one or a third party’s place.

  1. Hotlinking is not fair play, but most of the people who had a blog or an independent site did it, so you’ll simply have to outsmart them – they’er not evil or so, just poor and a tad greedy ;)

    1. Let me just wield my katana at them…right after I take a nap. Jokes aside, it is cheating, but so is most of the content in the web, so I can only wish that Shinigami-sama finds a way to bring the images back and deny hotlinking.

  2. i was going to ask for this…since some of them were broken in the old posts. :(

    so sad about the hotlinkers…

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