Masashi Kishimoto: Naruto Is Running Towards Its End

naruto ending

According to a short article, printed in the Sunday edition of the Japanese Asahi Shimbun newspaper, the Naruto manga by Masashi Kishimoto is nearing its climax. This was said by the famous mangaka himself. The news is telling us that everyone’s hopes and fears that the great ninja war that is currently happening in the manga will bring along the end of Naruto.

Naruto has been running in the weekly Shounen Jump manga magazine by publishing house Shueisha since 1999. Yes, Naruto, Sauke, Sakura, Kakashi, Kabuto and all other characters of this story that has given life to many otaku dreams has been around for 13 years already. The author has said, except that the story is rising towards its climax, that the final scenes and conclusion of the biggest shounen story (along with One Piece) have been set for a long time and he is just crating the way for these very last scenes right now.

This is going to be yet another shock after the final battle in Bleach was announced. Hopefully for all the shounen fans around the world, at least One Piece hasn’t been announced as ending …yet.

Source: Manga News Japon

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18 thoughts on “Masashi Kishimoto: Naruto Is Running Towards Its End

  1. Still, I have some questions. What is the situation of Sasuke right NOW, like i just need to know what happened to him what is he planning things like that. Same with Naruto and Sakura. And do you think it will be a series where you have everybody dying (like Sasuke or Sakura, or even Naruto), or will it be a happy ending where everybody is marrying everyone and team 7 reunites?

    1. In the shounen genre, it’s not very common for main characters to die. I am trying not to spoil too much for the others who will stumble upon this article. If you wish, I can give you the latest spoilers by email, if the one you’ve provided with the comments is valid.

    2. I tink that naruto is going to bring sasuke back to the village and that peace will be achivef between the 5 nation and that naruto is going to marry sakura and finally become hokage its exactly a happy endind because sime of narutos frieds are going to die now i hava a question for u do u have a good anime or manga like naruto?

  2. Can anyone tell me what is going on in the series cuz when it stopped being on Tv I was very little, and I didn’t know how to keep up with the story, so now all I know is Sasuke doesn’t care about anything (except his revenge and all that stuff), Sakura is great medic ninja blah blah blah, and Naruto … well he wants to become Hokage, and he’s MUCH stronger and wiser. Can you PLEASE give me the last episodes numbers, or give me the movie titles that I need to watch, OR even give me a short description of what the heck happened (like did anybody important die?)? Thank you.

    1. Hello, Title-chan! Thanks for asking here! I cannot know when exactly did you stop watching the series, but there are currently many online services such as NicoNico and Crunchyroll, which provide you the chance to watch streaming Naruto videos LEGALLY. I suggest you catch up with the episodes by using their rather cheap (sometimes even free) services. Also, the series have had many twists and turns. Once, a lot of people died in a battle where Konoha was destroyed completely. Then, a war began and both and anime and the manga are currently trying to fight this same war where ninja from all villages are united against the evil plan of a mythical clan leader from the Uchiha who wants to create an artificial Utopia.

      Last episode out is 323.
      Last chapter out is 641.

    2. Well lets see since sasuke left to train with orichimaru to get is revenge from his btlrother itatachi in exenge he had togive his body to orichimaru.naruto and sakura that thar would hapen in 3 yaers because orichimaru wasnt ready yet so naruto went to train with jiraya and dakura went to train with tsunade cause she doesnt wan to feel helplrsse anymore and cause she wants to help naruto to bring sasuke back

  3. i am glad to hear that. bleach had became boring. so had naruto. bleach ended, but its manga is still published. but i am glad that kishimoto will end it. i think tobi will be defeated, naruto will be hokage, and hinata will marry him… so will sasusaku. yeah, i think sasuke will eventually come back to the village.

    1. Sorry, but this is not some romantic story where people marry each other -.-
      Naruto is a bit young for that, and Sasuke doesn’t give a damn about Sakura(maybe as a tool)
      Not trying to hate, just say’in:/

  4. Well, “Naruto” should end eventually. It’s even for the best that it does so before becoming as pointless as other popular shounen manga..

    1. True…I was still hoping for a continuation, though. Some new challenge and grand arch-rival for the shinobi world…

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