Medaka Box Anime To Have Season 2

Medaka BoxWeekly Shounen Jump, probably the most famous manga magazine in the world, has announced that Medaka Box anime will be getting a second season. The show has just ended this month and the admirers are getting the good news asap. Also, the third birthday of the original manga by Bakemonogatari’s NisiOisin and Akatasuki is celebrated in the issue too!

The show went on for 12 episodes. It seems like all the hype that happened all around this title even before it came out stayed and got even stronger with each episode. The new season is still a mystery as to when it will begin and how many episodes it will include.

medaka box season 2

Source: Manga News Japon

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6 thoughts on “Medaka Box Anime To Have Season 2

  1. Actually , in the manga, they talk a lot about “if this were a shounen jump manga…” and such. It’s quite hilarious. I’d honestly rather see it go all the way to class minus 13 before it goes into the third season. However, the thirteen party will be long enough to make up a full season. This is, of course, going by the 12 episode season. This is one of my favorite manga series to read. My favorite character just so happens to be Kumagawa Misogi from class minus 13. By now, they’ve mentioned Kumagawa for all of 1 minute, if that. My anticipation keeps building and building, hoping that they will make the second season longer than the last and make it to class minus 13.

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