Attack on Titan Manga Available in English

attack on titanAttack on Titan is a project by mangaka Hajime Isayama and will be published in English language on June 19, 2012 by Kodansha USA. The North American website MTV Geeks is previewing the project by sharing 12 pages of the first chapter online for all to read.

Attack on Titan, known in Japanese as Shingeki no Kyojin, is a fantasy/horror manga and tell the story of an Earth after an apocalypse. It follows the life of various humans who have to life in fear of the newly arrived Titans, of which they are protected by a large, tall and massive wall that encircles the main city. Eren Jaeger, however, is the main protagonist. He and his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman’s lives are turned upside down after a titan kills their only parent, their mother, and destroys everything they have ever held dear, but the sibling.

You can read Attack on Titan here.

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