Tsukimonogatari Novel Expected in August

tsukimonogatariAccording to the newly opened website of NisiOisin’s Matsuri site, the XIII novel of the ~monogatari series by the author entitled “Tsukimonogatari” will come out in bookstores this August. It will be presented at a special event in Tokyo where only invitees will be able to see/read and acquire the newest story of the series which include the anime-adapted Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari.

The newest title can be translated as Story of the Possessed and will be the thirteenth story of the series. It will follow Koimonogatari and will precede Owarimonogatari.

A new story in the series will be included in this installment and its title is “Yotsugi Doll” (よつぎドール).

Images: © 西尾維新/講談社・アニプレックス・シャフト

Source: NisiOisin Matsuri

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8 thoughts on “Tsukimonogatari Novel Expected in August

  1. I loved “Bakemonogatari” and was not a fan of the “NIsemonogatari”. Hope “Tsukimonogatari” will be more like the first instalment.

    1. Happy to know that. Please come to enlist in my Hunger Games. The deadline is 30 June and that’s the award ;)

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