La Storia della Arcana Famiglia Anime’s First PV Streamed (Video)

la storia della arcana famigliaA first promotional video has been streamed online through YouTube and various other sources. The 15-second-long short animated video shows the main characters and centres mainly on the upcoming premiere of the show on July 1, 2012. The opening theme song will be sung by Hitomi Harada while the ending will be performed by the main seiyuu Jun Fukuyama and Tsubasa Yonaga.

The anime is an adaptation of HuneX’s original otome game (game created for female audiences) by the same name and revolves around the family Arcana. They are people with strange pinions, habits and most of all abilities who have protected their island for centuries and because of them it is that it hasn’t been occupied or rummaged by evil. The only daughter in the current family is called Felicità and she will be marrying the winner of the competition that is organized by the Arcana family. As an additional curiosity – she future wife will also be participating in the tournament. There is something very valuable to be won – leadership of this mostly able and important family, after all, whoever marries Felicità will become the new head of the Arcana Famiglia.

Source: YouTube

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