Yuruyuri♪♪ Trailer Stramed by TV Tokyo (Video)

yuruyuriYuruyuri♪♪ is an upcoming anime that will certainly fill your day with moe and loveliness as well as with some additional sweetness and… female roundness… ahem. In this special 30-second-long video we try to see how the main characters attempt understanding the music signs at the end of the title of the show. The second season will begin this July 2, while the video itself, you can see below.

Based on Mamori’s original manga, the anime series tells the story of a few high school girls who love to have fun and enjoy their lives. The old room for tea ceremonies has been adapted into a “Gorakubu” or a kind of an amusement club for the girls. As the first episodes were broadcasted in Japan in the second half of the previous year, they were also shown to the other parts of the world except for Japan through Crunchyroll. The new series will too be very popular without a doubt, but not every part of the broadcasting and simulcasting rights has been released yet.

Source: YouTube

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