Manga Uk Drops D. Gray-Man

d.gray-manThe latest news from Manga Entertainment, the biggest distributor of manga and anime in the UK, has announced that it will no longer be releasing D. Gray-Man anime due to various reasons. No, it is not because of lack of fans, or at least this was not stated in the message.

The main reason behind the decision is that Funimation hasn’t taken on the next half of the series (episodes 52 and above) and Manga Entertainment does not have any dubs available. Obviously, this is bad news for many of Hoshino-san’s fans in the UK  and probably most of Europe.

Hopefully, both Funimation and Manga decide to acquire the rights for the second season of the anime since it’s pretty disappointing for the fans to have only half of the anime on their shelves.

Source: Twitter

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

10 thoughts on “Manga Uk Drops D. Gray-Man

  1. Dropping “D. Gray-man”?! Are they crazy?! :P

    Jokes aside, I really hope that’s not because of bad sales.

    1. Hugs for you, dear! Of course it’s not! I am sure they’ll think of something…maybe borrowing some fan subs? :D

      1. Since they don’t do the dub themselves, it is more than convenient to not acquire it because of the lack of English voiceover. I can hardly believe this anime had sales problems.

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