Persona 3 RP Game to Be Anime-ed

persona 3 rpg animeAlthough there is no certainty on the type of adaptation, after the last scenes of the movie Persona 4 The Animation ~The Factor of Hope~, the main character of Person 3 appeared in a classic 2D animation and announced the adaptation of the Persona 3 roleplaying game.

This happened at yesterday’s premiere screening of the Factor of Hope movie.

There are no additional details yet, but I hope to have to give them to you sooner rather than later. As expected, every adaptation of the popular game franchise turns into at least a small-scale hit, so it would be no wonder if they decide to animate into series the RPG. Especially after the success of Persona 4 The Animation TV anime from a year ago.

Hopefully, they will find the right key scenes and plot lines from the game to adapt into either a movie or a series of movies, but not rush the action as much as they did in Person 4’s anime adaptation.

Source: Anime News Network

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8 thoughts on “Persona 3 RP Game to Be Anime-ed

  1. Well, the first series were good for a game-based anime, but failed to impress. Hoping for a better job this time. ;)

    1. I agree and would even go further: It was too fragmented and never looked like something with a scenario…

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