K Anime Preview No. 3 Released Online (Video)

anime kA third video has been released online through the official website of GORA Project and GoHands Productions’ upcoming anime “K“. This time we see tons of action and many of the secondary characters as an addition to the main ones. Neko is not there, as far as full-time action goes, and this time we’re all concentrated on several of the main roles such as Suoh Mikoto and Yatogami Kuroh, for example. See the trailer below.

The anime will come out on August 2, 2012 and its theme song is by angela.

You can see the trailer HERE :) Enjoy!

Source: Official Webiste

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10 thoughts on “K Anime Preview No. 3 Released Online (Video)

    1. If you’re talking about the young man with the umbrella/parasol in hand, he is Yashiro Isana and it seems like his powers will be kept a mystery for a longer period. All in all, I know that he has a thing for white kitties and carries the umbrella all the time. Judging by video 1 , he needs to be rescued/protected by Kurou Yatogami. No idea if he will have one of those ultra-powerful-magical-abilities that would kill everyone out of a 100-metre-radius and that’s why it never appears or that he’s important as a mind and not that much as a power…

      1. Yuu Kanda too! But you’re so awesome pointing this out ;) Maybe the author is a big fan of D Gray Man and all…
        Oh! And Heiwajima’san from DRR! too… man…

  1. I am feeling very odd about this thing. The animation looks great at times, then – it looks like a cheap PS3 game. Then there is this girl.. who kind of ruins it for me, the very idea that they’re trying to impose on the viewers is that she’s included in the main cast and yet, she is nowhere to be seen in the last and most intriguing preview…

    Also – FIRST!

    1. It’s like that with Shoujo, my dear. Girls are never important in a logic way – they just ruin the action and the plot…unless you’re not a fan of Orihime-type characters, that is :)

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