Nobou no Shiro Live-Action Trailer (Video)

nobou no shiroNobou no Shiro is a Sengoku-based novel by Ryuu Wada. It is a Naoki-nominee and a very popular story of the Warring States. Having been adapted into a manga by original author Wada and illustrator Akra Hanasaki (Oshinbo), it is a treat for all the historical otaku. The trailer released earlier today by Cinema Today is about 30 seconds long and depicts the main character and some of the ideas of the movie.

The story revolve around the battle between the warriors from the Castle of Oshi and the army of Warlord Hideyoshi. As the battles nears, the difference in numbers has its influence on the warring sides, but Oshi’s 500 will never give up without a fight, even if going against the 20,000 men of Hideyoshi.

Nomura Mansai plays Oshi-jou. Starring are also: Eikiura Nana, Satou Koichi, Yamada Takayuki and more.
The movie is directed by Isshin Inudo and Shinji Higuchi.

The initial release date of Nobou no Shiro was set to September 2011, but it was delayed because of the content of some of the scenes. The authors were wondering if presenting a specific war tactic was adequate in this occasion. The new date for the finalized product is Novermber 2, 2012 and we hope that it does come out as (second) planned.

Source: YouTube

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