Live-Action Adaptation of Ai to Makoto Trailer (Video)

ai to makotoThe live-action adaptation of Ai to Makoto, the manga by Ikki Kajiwara (story) and Takumi Nagayasu (art), is coming out in Japanese theatres this June 16. The trailer, which is available below as kindly shared by Japanese movie website Cinema Today, is quite long – 3:49 – and depicts much of the main storyline as well as presenting the main characters.

The original manga was published starting 1972 and sprung a total of 16 volumes (10 in bunkoban). It was published in Weekly Shounen Magazine by Kodansha.

Ai to Makoto is a story about the young girl Ai Saotome and a crude bully named Makoto Taiga. The two of them have not lived even close to each other, but due to an unfortunate event have always lived with the idea of the other one. When Ai was much younger, she suffered an accident. Although it left her without any harm, a boy that saved her life was left with a scar on his face. Due to this incident, Ai is never able to stop feeling the guilt for the stranger’s sufferings and Makoto himself has turned into a rough bully, a thug and he blames Ai for his misfortunes. One day the two of them meet again and Ai is keen on rehabilitating herself to Makoto and him to the world. Will she succeed though?

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