Berserk Goes Even More Mainstream with a Social Game for iOS and Android


Berserk will be becoming even more popular with the new iOS and Android social game that is currently being worked on by Studio 4°C and was announced at the E3 event earlier this week.Berserk ~Hundred Years War~.

The game, which is stated for a wintery release, will allow the users to gather in mercenary groups, like the Band of the Hawk, and take on various opponents as a team or individually. There will also be a possibility of PvP play. The basic game will be free for everyone, but additional items will be paid.

Another new visual work that appeared recently, involving the earlier version of one of the main characters – Griffith – will be appearing on the facade of Osaka’s E-ma shopping centre. It is a part of the big promo campaign. Other events will include the participation of seiyuu stars Hiroaki Iwanaga, Takahiro Sakurai, Toa Yukinari (the main characters Gutts, Griffith and Casca) in the June 16’s special talks. That same date is the one set for the advance screening of the second part of the movie trilogy of the saga.

Source: Official Website Comic Natalie

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7 thoughts on “Berserk Goes Even More Mainstream with a Social Game for iOS and Android

    1. …”take on various opponents as a team or individually”…”gather in mercenary groups”

      That would be one Hell of an otome game…

      1. Hahahaaaaa….you’re right, man. I haven’t even thought before asking… :D :D :D

    1. Sooooo correct. I couldn’t watch Berserk because of him, thought he was a girl… :D :D :D Guts all the way!!!!

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