Arata-naru Sekai Anime Announced

arata-naru Sekai animeDengeki Bunko published by ASCII Media Works just announced the new anime project Arata-naru Sekai, which will be based on the original story by Hitoma Iruma. The anime will be a part of the entire franchise, planned to have many different sides. Below you can see some images, more information and background on the author.

Arata-naru Sekai is the story of a ‘time researcher’ who ends up in a place that is stuck in time. Several groups of the young characters are chosen to travel in time in order to save the world. In the anime we follow the ones that should go to the future; in the manga is depicted the story of the characters that need to go to the past while in the novels we witness what happens to the ones who were not suited for time-travelling and the technology that realizes it.

Everything about the project is created by Hitoma Iruma, known for the creation of Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. She is also writing the lyrics for the soundtrack. While on the manga she is aided by artist Kendi Oiwa (Welcome to the N.H.K., Goth), illustrator Kurehito Misaki is doing the images for the novel. MADHOUSE and Aniplex are collaborators of the anime version of the story and composer Satoru Kousaki (A-Channel, Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and more) is composing the music for the theme song.

Here are some images taken from the official website:

arata-naru Sekai anime arata-naru Sekai anime 2 arata-naru Sekai anime 3arata-naru Sekai anime 4

Source: Official Arata-naru Sekai Official
Images: © Hitoma Iruma/ASCII Media Works/Arata-Naru Sekai Project
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5 thoughts on “Arata-naru Sekai Anime Announced

  1. The drawings look a bit too computer-made to me, to be honest… Might be just the promo ones, though.

  2. The novels are great but I am not sure if the anime is going to have a lot to do with it. However, I wish good luck to the new series :)

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