Two New Asura Interviews Released

asura: born a beat to be a humanTwo new videos with interviews from cast members have been released on the official website of the anime movie that will be coming out in Japan this September 26.The second and third video include some animated scenes from the project as well as the title song. The first video is with Yasuha Kominami (title song’s performer) and the second – Masako Nosawa (title character’s seiyuu).

The videos are available on the official website of Asura and you can see them by following THIS LINK. There is also the LIVE performance of the OST- a video that was released some time ago.

This anime film will depict the story of the small Asura who was, as stated in the slogan, born a best to be a human. It is a fully-fledged hero-drama of evolution of both the title character and the ones that are touched by Asura’s existence in both negative and positive ways. The little human’s fate begins with a life in poverty so heavy, that even Asura’s own mother decides that it’s better to eat her child than to try and fight for what she has created and entrusted with life. From then on, the small child has to endure more and more until finally coming to discover the truth of everything – inside and outside of the little world.

Toei Animation and Tiger&Bunny’s Keiichi Satou are collaborating on the project. It is also participating in the lists of France’s Annecy.

Source: Official Website

Images : ©ジョージ秋山/アシュラ製作委員会

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6 thoughts on “Two New Asura Interviews Released

    1. Actually, the anime is a pretty small part of the whole event, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not interested in animation as a whole.
      As for “Asura”, I believe it will turn out to be an incredible story.

      1. Thanks! I am not a real fan of animation as a whole -some films tend to be too technical, while others – too artistic to my liking… Will skip it. ;)

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