Summer Anime 2012 Season Preview: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199)

space battleship yamato posterThere are so many things that can be said about Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199) that it is a mostly convenient thing for me that the production committee has decided to spread the story in 26-episode-long anime and seven movies. Well, after the first one came out April 7, 2012 it will be my pleasure to put Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Movie 2’s preview as the opening piece of my Summer 2012 anime previews. It is the re-telling of the episodes from the series and a fully-fledged anime film that will probably not be as remembered as the original anime series from the ‘70s of the past century, but it will surely bring a lot of pleasant surprises.

The story of the movies, by an old Yamato tradition, is an actual retelling of the respective anime TV series. The second movie which is to come out this June 30 will show us what has happened in episodes 3, 4, 5 and 6 from the currently airing series.

Everything revolves around the battle of survival between the human race and the Gamilon, a battle that has lasted quite long and maybe even too long for the planet Earth has already shown a lot of changes for the worst. The very atmosphere of the humans’ old home is already made impossible to live within since the numerous radioactive asteroids have managed to fill up air itself with radiation. Out of good will, or maybe not only, Queen Starsha from Iscander gives the human a special mechanism that can neutralize these harmful effects. The main problem is that the current Yamato ship is more than 100,000 light years away from its aim and it needs to make a double trip within a year for the human race to have a chance of survival.


(from left to right)

 space battleship yamato 2199 characters

Daisuke Shima is Kodai’s best friend and the Yamato battleship’s chief navigator. He is very uncertain in his own abilities, even though he has proven them on several occasions. He is played by actor Kenichi Suzumura (D. Gray-Man’s Lavi, Gintama’s Okita Sougo)

Vice Admiral Juzo Okita is the ‘stern captain’ of this battleship. He is an honest man who is desperately trying to see through the end the mission of the Yamato crew and ship. He is strong-willed and aimed person. In the past, he has lost his son, but finds Kodai as an own child and cares for his future as a real father would. He even considers him his future replacer.  He is played by Takayuki Sugo (Princess Tutu’s The Raven, Gosick’s Marquis Albert de Blois)

Lieutenant Susumu Kodai has been an orphan since a young age and since the death of his parents has been following the steps of his older brother Mamoru. He is initially very energetic and often too aggressive since he’s prone to bursting out at people for the littlest things. Later, his character changes bit by bit to show a regular development. Though he has not been officially named the captain of the Yamato, he is the one giving orders. He is played by Daisuke Ono (Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji, Saint Seiyas: The Lost Canvas’ Manigoldo)

Lieutenant Yuki Mori was initially a nurse and a medical persona on the Yamato. As an addition to that position, she developed into a radar operator and working on the computer for performing various calculations. She is easily the most important female member of the crew. She is played by Houko Kuwashima (Hakuouki’s Chizuru Yukimura, Inuyasha’s Sango)


Here are the other cast members as announced by far:

Houchu Ohtsuka as Shirou Sanada

Kenji Akabane as Yasuo Nanbu

Masato Kokubun as Giichi Aihara

Mugihito as Hikozaemon Tokugawa

Yuuki Chiba as Kenjirou Oota

 yamato 2199 screenshot


Chief Director: Akihiro Enomoto

Director: Yutaka Izubuchi

Series Composition: Yutaka Izubuchi

Script: Ryusuke Hikawa

Music: Akira Miyagawa, Hiroshi Miyagawa

Original creator: Leiji Matsumoto, Yoshinobu Nishizaki

Character Design: Nobuteru Yuki

Art Director: Minoru Maeda

Producer: Fumi Teranishi, Mikio Gunji

Animation production: AIC, Xebec


One of the probably most famous aspects of the Yamato series and productions are the mecha designs. In this reproduction of the original series, we get to see four of the biggest names working on the project: Kimitoshi Yamane (Cowboy Bebop, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED), Makoto Kobayashi (Steamboy, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ/Zeta), Yasushi Ishizu (Mobile Suit Gundam 0080/83), Yutaka Izubuchi (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Petlabor). There is no wonder that, even though not many of the episodes have been released, the mechanical designs of the new project are already pretty famous.


Here is one of the not-as-famous ships of the franchise. More of them can be seen here  .

 yamato spaceship ship battleship gamirasu



Images: ©宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199

Official Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 Website

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  1. Great preview, Shinigami-sama. I might not look like a fan, but I am, so I am getting anxious for the next episodes… :)

  2. Honestly, I believe the characters are a bit too “pimped” and softened in design. The machines, however, look promising.

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