Tooko Miyagi’s Paradise Lost To Begin on June 23

paradise lost
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Paradise Lost  is the new project by mangaka Tooko Miyagi. She’s previously written Il Gatto Sul G and Byakuya Zoushi. The title will be published in Kadokawa Shoten’s Asuka magazine starting June 23, 2012. Miyagi is famous as a shounen-ai writer that has been read all over the world and a lot of her works have been published in English.

The story of Paradise Lost centres around the city of Genkyo which is a separate state that was build inside of Japan by an Emperor of the Nobility. Iori is a young boy who is desperately trying to find out what has happened to his father and what was the reason behind his death. At entering the city of Genkyo, though, he finds himself in the middle of an immense political and social conflict that has taken over the world as seen from inside the walls of the state.

Source: Manga News Japon

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    1. True. And how come people who love ecchi are so reluctant when it comes to Yaoi? Grow up, boys – you don’t have to watch it. :D

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